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I produce a bellydance show twice a year in Marengo IL to give my adult students an opportunity to perform what they've learned and to give a stage to the rest of the dance community.  The spring show is a hafla style show & the fall show is our Halloween "Dark Dreams" Gothla.  Both shows are open to other types of performers such as flow artists, circus arts, hip hop dancers etc. These are all inclusive shows where everyone is welcome regardless of your color, size, shape, politics, gender, sexual orientation, favorite flavor of ice cream, or your thoughts about ketchup on hot dogs. If you are kind to your fellow humans then you are welcome. 

Our 2024 show scheduled is:

Hafla April 13th 7-9pm

Dark Dreams Gothla October 12th 7-9pm


Marengo High School Theater

110 Franks Rd

in Marengo IL

If you are interested in performing please follow our facebook page.  When we get closer to the event there will be a call for performers and a form to fill out in order to be considered for a spot in the show.  


    I helped design this collection

    of hand dyed & hand block

    printed garments which are perfect

    for all your fitness & leisure


    100% of proceeds

    go to Jhoole's mission of

    empowering women.

model &

Meet Freya:

Freya took her first bellydance class in 2000 and immediately fell in love with this beautiful art form. Over the years she’s had the privilege of studying with some of the world's top dancers including Rachel Brice, Ariella, Sonya Blacker, Zoe Jakes, Jasmin Jahal, Mae the Bellydancer, Christina King and many more. Freya became a semi-professional dancer in 2010 performing with troupes Ro-He, Vagabond and Black Silk Road. As a soloist Freya has performed in shows throughout the region including Beast Women, Tribal Revolution, Burning Man Decomp, Angels & Absynth, The Glint, and the Chicago Hafal for Humanity which raised money for Syrian refugees. Freya is most well known for her ethereal & powerful veil routines using both Egyptian & Chinese style veils that she custom makes herself.

Freya is not only a skilled dancer, she is also an inspiring dance instructor.  Freya teaches bellydance to students of every kind: young, old, experienced, never danced before, disabled, men, women, children.  She is especially skilled at giving each student individual attention to make sure they are able to do the movements correctly.  Freya inspires her students to become their best selves, full of confidence, strength, & grace. 


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Dance Show & Hafla

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