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My thoughts on the New York Times Opinion: "Want to Get Rich Buying Art? Invest in Women"

New York Times Opinion: "Want to Get Rich Buying Art? Invest in Women" by Mary Gabriel 9/24/2018 While I don't recommend buying art to "get rich" as this article's title suggests, the author makes some important points. When I first started in this business over 20 years ago, most new collectors looked to me to tell them who was worth collecting. They worried less about how much they loved the work. Now I am happy to see collectors who have confidence in their own tastes and are looking for quality artwork that they personally connect with. This change in collecting habits is one of the many positive changes I've seen in the art world recently. Another is the number of female artists who are finding representation in prestigious galleries. Mary Gabriel writes in her article "The changed climate can be attributed to a host of causes: the increased focus on women’s rights across society, decades of activism by feminist artists and a simple matter of economics. But a much more gratifying reason is the belated recognition that work by women deserves support and attention because it is worthy."

Kondakova "Buckingham Fountain"

One such woman is Liudmila Kondakova. When I first worked with her at the start of my career I was impressed with her incredible skill. Her paintings glowed with an amazing sense of light and her fine details kept viewers engaged with her work, sometimes discovering little hidden gems years after hanging the painting in their home. But she was fairly unknown and seen merely as a nice decorative artist. Her paintings are more impressive than ever, but now she is one of the top artists represented at Martin Lawrence Galleries. Her paintings command a higher price now, typically $15,000-$35,000. However, she is still priced low compared to her male counterparts such as Douglas Hoffman whose work sells for $100,000-$200,000.

Kondakova "The Red Umbrella"

There are so many other incredible female artists, too many to list, but here are a few of my favorites from my own collection: Nicole Wong, Jayne Reid Jackson, Lynn Shaler, Linda Whitney, Karen Margulis, & Svetlana Valueva

Most importantly, as you consider your next art purchase, consider adding some diversity to your collection. And as always, buy art that you love, that you connect with, and that moves you.

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